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Are you wondering about Home Staging To Sell Your Home Fast? if you plan to sell your home the more traditional way through an agent on the Multiple Listing Service, (MLS) Texas Best Homebuyers has some helpful tips here for you. Whether you plan to hire a home staging professional or to do it yourself, staging your home can help you to sell your home faster and hopefully for more money. Here are some general tips for staging your home.

Many sellers either hire a professional or take the time to do Home Staging themselves. Staged homes inspire buyers to imagine themselves living comfortably and happily in the home. A staged home draws buyers in and makes them want to linger by creating a warm, welcoming and relaxing ambiance, and by highlighting the homes most important qualities. A staged home will look better in photos and marketing materials, and will attract more buyers and offers. An additional advantage to home staging is that the process will help you prepare to have showings and to ultimately move to your new home.

Rent a Self Storage Unit.

This is our first tip. Go ahead and start packing. That’s right. Start packing everything except for the basic items you need to function until your home sells. Removing personal items, extra furniture and clutter allows the potential buyers to really see and connect with the space, and it makes having showings much easier.

Simplify the Space in Each Room.

Sell, donate or dispose of things you no longer want or use, and store any worn or excess furniture that you want to keep but that won’t be used in the staging. Declutter by cleaning out all closets, clearing walkways and hallways, and removing all items from walls, countertops and other surfaces like coffee tables, dressers, mantles and the exterior of the refrigerator. Pack these items in neatly stacked boxes in the garage or basement, or put them in storage Move any materials for projects or sports and leisure items to your storage unit as well. Remove, pack and store all personal photos, and items of sports memorabilia, religious art and decor, and displays of personal collections. After decluttering and depersonalizing add one or two pieces of tasteful artwork to the walls in each room.

Do a Home Staging Deep Clean Inside and Out

A clean home communicates to buyers that the home has been well cared for and makes the idea of buying the home much more appealing. Hire a professional for the deep clean if necessary. You will need to dust everything everywhere. Wash the windows, the sills and ledges and the baseboards. Wash any marks off of the walls, baseboards, trim, light switches, and doors. Vacuum and mop throughout. Shampoo rugs and carpets. Make all the countertops, surfaces, tubs, sinks, showers, and fixtures shine. You’ll need to do some of these things regularly incase there is a showing. Before you leave each day tidy up by making the beds, putting away personal toiletries, straightening up the living areas, and putting away the kid’s toys and pet supplies.

Update Fixtures, Hardware and Paint

Now is the time to repair any nicks, or scratches, holes, or places paint has chipped. You will want to paint over any bright colorful walls with neutral colors like ivory, beige, gray, white, or taupe. Replacing outdated light fixtures and hardware on cabinets and doors with an updated modern style will go a long way towards transforming each room. It is a very inexpensive way to make a big difference in your home staging.

Arrange Furniture to Make Rooms Feel Spacious.

Experiment with furniture arrangement by putting heavy pieces on sliders and moving things around until it feels spacious and comfortable. Every room should have some stylish pieces of furniture but having too many pieces of furniture or pieces that are in poor condition or that are dated will not be helpful. Use the most modern, biggest pieces of furniture you have to create or accent a focal point that is clear, interesting and inviting. Large pieces of furniture like a beautiful bookcase or headboard can be used to create a focal point if a clear focal point is lacking.

Attend to Curb Appeal.

Having a lovely curb appeal is very important to making a positive first impression! First make any obvious repairs to outdoor features like railings, trim, shutters, mail boxes or the front door. Make sure house numbers are clearly marked, light fixtures are clean and working properly, and the windows are clean. Add a new coat of paint to any trouble areas or to the front door. Plant flowers in any garden beds or window boxes. Maintain your yard so that it is regularly mowed, the trees and shrubs are pruned, the walkways are accessible, and the weeding is done. Consider adding landscape lighting or charming landscape art like a sculpture or a water fountain. Make sure the grass is well watered.

Decorate With Purpose

There are many ways to make the best qualities of each room stand out in your home staging. It is best to arrange the furniture and the decor to have a focal point. An example of this would be to create a sitting area around a fireplace or to emphasize a nice view by removing the drapes and window screens.

Another tip for your home staging is to make a room “pop” even when you have neutral wall colors by adding a splash of color in pillows, in an accent chair or rug, or with a colorful piece of art . A few simple accessories and live plants thoughtfully placed can have a big impact. Adding a center piece such as a vase of fresh cut flowers or a fruit bowl in the middle of a kitchen table or the countertop can be a nice warm touch.

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