Getting a Divorce in North Richland Hills

Getting a divorce in North Richland Hills or ANY city is never easy! The website says divorce ranks second in life’s most stressful events. They say the stressful nature of getting a divorce is second only to the death of a loved one. 

An experienced neutral real estate agent can be a great resource when going through a divorce. At Texas Best Homebuyers we understand that going through a divorce is challenging and often complex. We strive to make things as easy as possible for all of our clients. We will listen to your needs, provide you with an honest quote of the value of your property and help you consider your options. Let us know if we can help! At Texas Best Homebuyers we have more than 25 years experience in the real estate business in the Fort Worth area, and we’d be happy to consult with you about your property.

You may need to get an appraisal done as a starting point for negotiations. And we could help you with determining the fair market value and equity of your home or property. We could make suggestions regarding how to optimize the situation to meet your objectives. Depending on your situation, deciding whether to keep the home or to sell is a process. Even If the divorce is uncontested the decision may be determined by the courts. Texas is a Community Property State. In Tarrant County it is recommended that you have an attorney if possible. But some people do choose to self-litigate. Click here for helpful information on self-litigating in Tarrant County. is a helpful online resource with information on Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Visitation, and Property Division for every state in the US. Because Texas is a community property state, if your home was purchased while you were married, the proceeds from a sale must be divided 50/50. But that doesn’t mean you will be required to sell your home or divide all your assets in half. The courts operate under a rule that states the division must be “just and right.” One person may be able to keep the home if both parties come to a fair agreement. Also, if one person owned the home prior to the marriage, the court may rule the property “exempt” from the community property designation or as a “partial” community property depending on contributions of the other spouse.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide helpful information and not intended to be legal advice for your situation. Texas Best Homebuyers suggests contacting your own advisors such as an attorney, a mediator, a real estate agent or a Home Buyer/Investor for help with options and decisions regarding your property while getting a divorce in Texas.

When deciding whether to sell or keep the home in divorce here are some things to consider:

  • If one spouse wants to keep the home, can they buy out the other person’s share and qualify to refinance independently? Can they afford the payments, taxes and upkeep on their own? (If one person decides to keep the home it will require refinancing through a lender.)
  • Does the idea of keeping the home have a positive or negative emotional effect?
  • Is the property in need of repairs? 
  • How will selling or keeping the home affect the children in the family? What steps can be taken to help them?
  • Would you want to keep the home for a certain period agreed on by both parties? If so, getting advice from an attorney is recommended.
  • Would selling or keeping the home create or alleviate some of the stress?
  • Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market right now, or in other words, is it a good time to sell?
  • Would selling the home allow you to pay off other debt?

Keep Calm and Carry On…

Finding ways to relax and de-stress may improve your overall outcomes. Avoid making big decisions at times you might be feeling highly emotional. 

Texas Best Homebuyer’s agents understand that every divorce situation is unique, and we truly want to be of service. If you do decide to sell, would selling your house in advance for a fair All-Cash price be of benefit or would putting your house on the market be the best choice? We can provide you with information to help you weigh your options. When you’re under the stress of getting divorced, it can be a relief to know you have an agent who has your best interest in mind.

We’re happy to give you a quote for what your property would sell for on the MLS and also to list your house for you if that is what makes the most sense for your situation. But know that we also buy houses and would be able to provide you with a quote for what we would be able to offer you in cash. If you sell to us directly the sale would happen quickly, on your terms and with no commission fees or closing costs. Which ever way you decide is best for you we aim to relieve the stress of going through a divorce by making things as easy as possible for you.

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